Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let's build a doomsday device!

Despite our best efforts, we haven't been able to convert everyone to christianity. But it's not too late. We just need a raise some money. And build a doomsday device that shoots out "Jesus Waves". These waves will shoot out into ears of everyone in the world; and all will blindly accept the gospel of our good lord Jesus Christ.

That's the kind of world we christians want! Halleljuah!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wicca and Demonic Possession

The bible discourages witchcraft. And for a long time, it was a taboo in our society. But with the rise of the blasphemous New Age movements, this activity is yet again on the rise.

Witches, most of whom refer to themselves as Wiccans, have convinced themselves they worship the earth. As the Bible tells us, Satan has hardened their hearts and distorted their perception of reality. So much to the point that Wiccans are willing to ignore obvious similarities between their religious emblem and the Church of Satan. Make no mistake: Wiccans worship Satan whether they realize it or not.

In our culture, we have numerous books, movies, television programs, and musical groups that glorify witchcraft. This is an orchestrated effort by Satan to gain power over an entire generation. Remember: the devil makes no distinction between young souls and old souls.

If you give the devil an inch, pretty soon he'll be the ruler. When a person (even a child) experiments with sinful things such as witchcraft, that individual leaves him/herself wide open to demonic attack. The slight feeling of power is the same feeling the devil once delivered unto Adam and Eve. It is both evil and powerful. This is why the Bible forbids it.

As a Christian soul makes its way down the spiral of sin, they begin to have what psychologists might refer to as an identity crisis. The good in them still believes in God and always will, but the demons now within them constantly gain more ground. Until one day, the demon is the dominant force within the body.

At this point, they've reached a point of no return. Repenting is no longer an option. An exorcism must be performed immediately, or the demon may trick them into self harm.

Wiccans will tell you they don't believe in our God. Just remember, it's not them talking. It's the demons. All we can do is pray for them. Don't press the issue any further.

If you are a wiccan, or any other religion for that matter, I'd like to invite you to accept Jesus into your heart. Investing in Jesus is like investing in a foreign currency. He so much better than the inflated , greatly alternative.

Spiritual Death: Blaspheming the Holy Ghost

There is a plague out there. It is more dangerous than evolution, classical liberalism, or any of those sinful things. And it can strike at any moment without warning. What do I speak of? Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. And it's easier to do than you think. defines blasphemy as:
  1. An irreverent or impious act, attitude, or utterance in regard to something considered inviolable or sacrosanct.

To determine how to avoid blaspheming the Holy Spirit, we need to know the most common
ways to do it. Those of us in Holiness Churches know that people often make jokes about the Holy Ghost as it enters our bodies. This is blasphemy. And it is unfortunate, but it's already too late for any person that does so.

The bible says that if you blaspheme the Holy Ghost, you will not be pardoned for it. And that means you will and in an eternal lake of fire. This is the greatest issue we face in our society. All good christians should warn their friends and neighbors about this greatest of dangers.

So, the next time you're getting high on the Holy Ghost, make sure you're doing it a reverent, blasphemy-free manner.

Praise safely. The soul you save could be your own.

Monday, February 25, 2008

6000 Year old Earth

The world is 6000 years old. there is much evidence of this. God shows us the age of the earth in our Bible. It's quite simple:

We know that Jesus was born 2,000 Years ago. In the Gospels, the Bible traces his lineage back to Abraham. Thus we know when Abraham was born. In turn, we can trace Abraham all the way back to Adam. If you do the math, we find out the earth is a little over 6000 years old.

Some Christians believe the earth is older and even believe in science which suggests so. Please, for the sake of their souls, tell them to do the math.

Praise the Lord

Why Evolution is Wrong

Some of those out there have convinced themselves they believe in a crackpot theory known as evolution. Some Christians may be wondering: "What is Evolution?" or "Does Evolution mean there is no God?" In this post, I'll answer those questions and a whole lot more.

What is Evolution?

ff Evolution is a theory developed by a backslider known as Charles Darwin. The Devil infiltrated his heart and apparently led him toward the Galapagos Islands. Little did Darwin know, but Satan had a trap that would ensnare him and billions of other souls.

As Darwin was examining some bird fossils there, he was most likely possessed by a demon. The demon took over his mind, and filled it with sinful thoughts. And with a terrifying vision, which shouted at him the greatest blasphemy ever spoken.

The demon made Darwin think he saw pattern in the birds. And this act of deception would lead him down a path which no Christian dare follow. He began talking about how he believed man didn't come from God. But rather, the most ridiculous of places: Monkeys.

So, evolution is the theory that man came from monkeys. I know, it sounds ridiculous to those of us who know Jesus. Who understand his will. And see the beauty and glory of his creation. But these same demons who possessed Darwin have spread throughout much of humanity.

On to the next question:
Does Evolution mean there is no God?
If this ridiculous, preposterous theory were true, it would mean there is no God. However, if you examine evolution carefully (wouldn't advise it.... demons), you see it takes much more faith to be an evolutionist than it does a Christian.

Evolutionists point toward what they've been taught by books and man, and not what has been laid upon their hearts by Lord Jesus. They point towards genetic mutations in fruit flies, apparently believing fruit flies are somehow similar to humans. They show you the "Big Bang Theory", and try to suggest something can come from nothing. They believe comets have more life giving power than our omnipotent Creator. Doesn't all this sound a little crazy?

You can believe in all that poorly thought out hogwash, or you can believe in God whose existence is self evident. If you haven't done so already, take a moment to accept Jesus in your heart. It'll be the best decision you eve make.

Everyone Believes in God

In our strange, morally depraved world, there are people out there who claim to question God's existence. Some of them even say they worship false idols, like Buddha or the Earth. Of course, this is ridiculous as everyone believes in God. In this post, I'll take the time to elaborate on the rationale for what some might consider a controversial statement:

1: The bible says so. There are only two masters we can serve in this world. God and Satan. So, if these nonbelievers say they don't believe in God, they must serve Satan. If nonbelievers subconsciously believe in Satan, they must also believe in God. Our responsibility as God fearing Christians is to help them realize this.

2: Psychology supports it: If you look at most of these so called nonbelievers, they all have a deep resentment towards the Christian God. They're generally not offended by any other god, except our God. Why? It's because deep down, those "nonbelievers" know that our God is real. And they really want to serve him, and live their lives according to his will.

3: Our God is everywhere, so nonbelievers can sense him. Human nature is inherently selfish. But often times, humans are not. When we Christians give to charity, or examine the good will being spread in our church, we know God is behind it. God is the source of all Good. Nonbelievers know this. And deep down in their soul, they know they want to worship Him.

There are other examples (obvious flaws of other religions, etc.), but I thought I'd keep it brief for those just starting their walk with the Lord.

The next time you see an atheists, a buddhist, a wiccan or a catholic, tell them it's time they get their heart right with the Good Lord. And when they say they don't believe in him, just chuckle and refer them to this post.

Like I do with every post, I'd like to offer you a chance to accept Jesus into your Heart. It'll be the best decision you ever made.